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brigitte schindler │ fine art photographer

Brigitte Schindler Fine Art Fotografie Venedig Venice Venezia Venise Piazetta di San Marco Markusplatz

● brigitte schindler FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY ●
Photography with Excellence│ 

During my studies of Fine Arts at the Luwig-Maximilians-University (LMU) in Munich I was trained intensively in the fields of composition, perspective, anatomy, design, colors and light.
Degree as Certified Prof. Photographer with distinction from the New York Institute of Photography (NYIP).
Honored with several Merit Awards.
Since 2015: Official quotation and inclusion in the exclusive circle of DROUOT Cotation (Paris).

● brigitte schindler FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY ● 
│Custom-made Photo Projects│
│Applied Photography│

My photographic focus lies on: 
► Architecture
► Interior & Design
► Landscape and Urban Photography 
► Photography of Artwork          

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● brigitte schindler FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY ● 

│Official Artist Photographer Drouot Quotation│ 
│Photo Art │Munich & Turin│
│Award winning fine art photographer│

„…Timeless and poetic insights into subjects, which appear surprisingly different. Manifold realms in the focus between light and shadow – resting grounds – visions – of the immensity of life…”



Brigitte Schindler Cotation Drouot Quotation

Dictionnaire des Artistes cotés - Artist Photographer Brigitte Schindler Quotation DrouotAvis d'Experts - Brigitte Schindler Artist Photographer Quotation Drouot - Paris

  • 10-11/2019 ● Paratissima Turin, Gallery Roccavintage (I)
  • 10.5.2019: ● Salone del libro Torino OFF: Presentation of my book „Torino, ti amo“ Turin, Gallery Roccavintage
  • 4/2019-5/2019: ● Solo Exposition „Torino, ti amo“ with new works, Turin, Gallery  Roccavintage
  • 12/2018-1/2019 ● Solo Exposition “Torino – ich liebe Dich / Torino ti adoro” Turin, Gallery Roccavintage
  • 11/2018 ● Catalogue Roccavintage: Torino – Sguardi appassionati di Brigitte Schindler
  • 11/2018 ● Fine Art Photo Calendar Turin 2019 (Limited Edition – Distribution via Gallery Roccavintage)
  • 11/2018 ● Fine Art Photo Calendar Milan 2019
  • 10-11/2018 ● Paratissima Turin, Gallery Roccavintage (I)
  • 11.2017 ● Fine Art Photo Calendar 2018: Turin (Piedmont)
  • 12/2016 ● Exhibition at OpenArt Gallery Milan (I)
  • 12/2016 ● Merit: “CCBA Prize Artist Selection”, Milan (I)
  • 11.2016 ● Fine Art Photo Calendar 2017: Florence (Tuscany)
  • 11.2015 ● Winner of the Photo Contest of the city of Lugano (CH) “Alla scoperta dei Quartieri di Lugano” │ Category “La Città e il Lago” (CH)
  • 11/2015 ● Fine Art Photo Calendar 2016: Rome │ “Roma eterna – un amore per sempre”
  • Since 10/2015 ● My limited photo art is now internationally represented by the auction house Drouot: │ │ │ (F)
  • 7/2015 ● Paris – France: Musée du Louvre – Presentation at the Exposure Award Reception – Inclusion in the Night Photography Collection of the 5th Annual Exposure Award See.Me (F)
  • Since 6/2015 ● Permanent Exhibition “Impressione di Lugano – Attimi della felicità”, Gallery “La Strada”, Via di Gandria 2, Lugano Castagnola (CH)
  • 5-6/2015 ● Solo Exposition “Venezia – Appointments with a diva” – Gallery Kolonial, Munich (D)
  • 3-4/2015 ● Solo Exposition “Avvolto nella luce” in Lugano (Switzerland), Finter Bank, Via al Forte 1 (CH)
  • 1/2015 ● Merit: Official quotation as artist photographer by the president of DROUOT Quotation in Paris, Christian Sorriano. Brigitte Schindler is now included in the close circle of DROUOT Quotation: Cotation Agréée. (F)
  • 1/2015 ● Distribution in the Larousse Dictionary: “Guid’Arts Cotation des Artistes du XVe siècle à nos jours” by Ch. Sorriano (Operations manager by the French government, expert in public sales, Expert and Assessor at the Commission of the Customs, Expert of the French and the International Union, authority in the world of art and antiquities and president of the association “Drouot Cotation des Artistes Modernes et Contemporains“)
  • 11/2014 ● Photo calendar 2015: Photoartistic impressions from Venice
  • 9/2014 ● Awards Ceremony Biancoscuro Art Contest – Monte Carlo – Hôtel de Paris (MC)
  • 8/2014 ● Twice winner of the Biancoscuro Art Contest in the category photography 
    Awards: 1st place: “Mostra personale” and winner: “Giuria popolare” (Biancoscuro Art Magazine, Italy) (I) 
  • 4/2014 ● International Fine Art Exhibition “Art Monaco 2014” at the French Côte d’Azur, Monte Carlo, Grimaldi Forum (MC) 
  • 11/2013 ● Exhibition: “Longing for the southern light – Passion between Isar and Mediterranean Sea” in the historic Villa Kustermann / Tutzing, Lake Starnberg (D) 
  • 9/2012 – 12/2013 ● Solo Exhibition: “Bavaria – Beautiful moments” – Pähl, Lake Ammersee, Germany, Bavaria (D) 
  • 4/2012 – 1/2013 ● Solo Exhibition: “Beauty of the moment” Gallery Nicola Leeb, 80638 Munich / in neighbourhood of Nymphenburg Castle (D)