Carlo Mollino / Insides 

I’ve always been inspired by those marvellous traces of fog on mirrors. They somehow
turn the room into a painting full of water droplets, full of sensual overtones, soft fabrics,
fragile essences created by a sensitive diaphragm, their contours under construction, materials
in decay. Everything prompts the imagination to take flight like those acrobatic
motifs painted on the tray, up above, and down at the bottom of the sea Neptune creates
and sprays – again and again – fountains that feed the river with a wondrous current, of light.

Delicate nuances unfurl between sun and moon, lepidoptera and negligees, draperies
and carpets. The curves of the bed turn up in the boat embroidered on the cushion. The
transparency and fragility of the fabrics continue along this path, through the dancing
transformation of butterflies across the wall and in the mirror. Delicate, seductive vibrations
can be perceived in every intense gaze, every deeper probing.

Garden of light. Adagio for the soul.

This place, Casa Mollino, is proof that it’s possible – putting aside the laws of physics – to feel
the presence of something we cannot touch with our hands, but only graze with our senses.
It is a singularity that inspires me to move deeper, to explore untapped perspectives, both
in the room around me and within myself. Perspectives and visions that also unfold with
the slow flow of time, if one pays attention to the shifting rays of both the sun and moon,
and when those are absent, even the changing sounds that the life of the city generates.
They stream in from outside, as regular as clockwork… 
While outside nature awaits with a pageant of colours and fragrances, the current of the
river sings with magnetic energy. The windows reveal the gentle landscapes of hills in
the background. They offer a vision of quietude, of almost eternal peace.

Ausstellung: Mollino/Insides 

4. Oktober 2020 – 16. Mai 2021

Collezione Maramotti
Via Fratelli Cervi 66
42124 Reggio Emilia – Italy

Mollino/Insides: Enoc Perez, Brigitte Schindler, Carlo Mollino

Katalog zur Ausstellung:  Mollino/Insides

Enoc Perez, Brigitte Schindler, Carlo Mollino
Title: Mollino/Insides
Texts by: Mario Diacono, Fulvio Ferrari, Carlo Mollino, Enoc Perez,
Brigitte Schindler
Publisher: Silvana Editoriale, Cinisello Balsamo (Milano)
Year: 2020
Number of pages: 104
Dimension: 20 x 24 cm
Languages: Italian / English